Veggie Dishes

Cauliflower soup - vegan 8,20
Pumpernickelcroutons | herbal oil  
Garlic bread - vegan 9,80
grilled vegetables  
Lentil salad with sweet potatoes and apple
- Pees guacamole - vegan
- Caramelized goat cheese - vegetarian 17,80
Mountain cheese patties - vegetarian 16,80
Potatoe-cucumber-salad | herbal remoulade | grape ragout  
Creamed Chanterelles - vegan 19,80
Hash browns | sun-dried tomatoes | salad  

You can find additional dishes on our "Abendkarte" at:

We provide more choices on our daily menu!
All our dishes are being freshly prepared in our kitchen.
Our prices include 19% sales tax. Tips are not included in our prices.
Half portions are being charged ¾ of the original price.
For a change of sides you will be charged 1€.
Bon Appetite!