Red cabbage salad- vegan 7,40
Homemade bread  
GDR Soljanka cup 8,40
deep plate 16,20
Hot soup based on tomatoes with peppers, onions, wild sausage and pickles.  
Ragout Fin 8,90
Diced chicken in a delicate sauce, covered with melted cheese. For the ultimate taste sensation add Dresden Style Worcestershire Sauce.  

Main Courses

Tomato Pasta 15,20
pasta | fried mortadella | tomato sauce | butter cheese  
Roasted Veal Liver 21,60
pear and onion compote | leek vegetables | herb mashed potatoes  
Beef stew 19,80
cheese dumplings | savoy cabbage | turnip | carrot  
Schweineschnitzel - escalope from the pork 20,80
potato and black salsify quiche on salad | pear and onion compote | lemon  

Seasonal Dishes

Parsnip soup - vegan 8,20
red cabbage foam  
Potato and black salsify quiche 11,80
leaf salad | pear and onion compote  
Sweet potato roulade with dried fruit filling - vegan 20,80
tomato and creamed spinach | pine nuts | leaf salad  
Bulgur curry pan - vegan 18,80
peanut | zucchini | eggplant | spinach  
Beef goulash 22,60
herb mashed potatoes | red cabbage salad  
Barley risotto with baked lamb praline 23,40
beetroot | carrot | parsnip  
Fried cod fillet 23,40
creamed tomato spinach | Venere rice  
Duet of chocolate tart and cheesecake 10,80
apple-cinnamon sorbet